Gene Barnett - Drums
(Interview posted 10/4/05)
What are you
currently up to?:
I'm looking for a band to tour with. Writing and recording songs for my Egobox project. Starting a band called Lucky Bone with my friend Kevin who moved back to Maryland after his everything got swept away by Hurrican Katrina. I've recently added a blog spot on my website and am in the learning curve of site maintainance - while I think about looking for a webmaster. I'm starting a project that goes with my political, social, animal activism called the Good Campaign which will spotlight bad things that we people allow to happen and make people think more about their actions. All while hoping a family member hits the lottery, or a sugar momma drops from the sky, so I can comfortably, or at least expediently get all this done.
Favorite DL song to play live: Cool, Spell, Ruby, Frenchie, No Brains...
What artist / group influenced you most growing up ?: Beatles, Elvis Costello, Police, U2, Radiohead, Our Lady Peace, Goldfinger... there's so many
Favorite drummer(s) ?: Vinnie Colaiuta, Stewart Copeland, Les Binks, Ringo, Bozzio, Moon, Rich...
What ever became of the Beau Hill produced DL sessions and how much do they differ from what became the final product?: Obviously nothing became of it (unless you count my burning it to CD and playing it for people once in a while). HUGE difference from what we put out with Jon Janson. Beau is great at what he does, but he tried to make Dirty Looks sound like something it wasn't. Way too polished, with these incredible backing vocals that we would've had to sample live and that wasn't ever going to happen. We should've put it out as an EP for laughs. As always, I learned from the experience, had a lot of fun in L.A. when we did it, but it was a bonk. I wish I would've hired someone to video the session. A band like DL doesn't get "produced," they get captured.
Last CD you bought ?: Our Lady Peace - Healthy In Paranoid Times, and Disconnection Notice by Goldfinger
Favorite DL song you didn't play on ?: Yikes, I don't really know the ones I didn't play on. Blue Tequila or Let It Rain just popped in my head, so I'll go with those. I'm pleased to be on the two releases that people seem to like best.
Would you ever do a one-off DL reunion show ?: Sure, that'd be fun maybe. I charge ye with the quest to hook it up
Last time you talked to an ex-DL member?: I talked to Brian Perry and Paul Lidel recently. Jack left me a message a few weeks ago, but didn't leave his #, so I need to track him down. I just saw our tour manager Doug (out with Green Day) at a couple shows around MD. & PA.
Which artist / group would you most like to work with that you haven't already?: I'd love to work with John Feldmann on Egobox, and any people that are aware of and care about what's going on in the world. People that do music for the love of it and not selfish, superficial reasons.
Bands: Dirty Looks (86 - 93)
Lillian Axe (90 - 92)
Doctor Butcher (92 - 93)
Suisonic (96 - 97)
Straight At Ya (97 - 98)
Snow (00)
Imperial Thrust (02)
Soulcage (01)
Shimmer (02 - 04)
Egobox (04 - P)
Discography: Dirty Looks - I Want More (87)
Dirty Looks - Cool From the Wire (88)
Dirty Looks - Turn of the Screw (89)
Dirty Looks - Bootlegs (91)
Lillian Axe - Poetic Justice (92)
Doctor Butcher - Demos!!! (99 [recorded 92-93])
Videos: Oh Ruby
Nobody Rides For Free


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