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Chris Bensch (Mario Rigano) - Guitar
(Interview posted 2/10/06)
What are you currently up to?: Working as a sale mgr @ Const. Equipment rental Company...www.rburen.com.... we rent generators to all the big concerts that come thru..
Favorite DL song to play live: Its not the way you rock
Favorite Guitarist(s): Gary Moore
Last time you talked to an ex-DL member: Long.............time 1989ish Gene Barnett & Henrik maybe 1990 @ DL gig in buffalo ny
That's you on the 'I Want More' album cover (I'm told).... How did that mix up take place and do you have any uncredited guitar parts on that album?: No uncredited guitar parts..... Henrik sent the photos out for the cover and then they made a change to Paul Lidel... I guess the album cover was already to print...
What were your musical influences growing up: Scorpions ( early... w/ Uli Roth, Michael Schenker, Gary Moore, Aerosmith, Rick Derringer, Tigers Of Pang Tang- John Sykes, Hendrix, Trower
Did you record any music with Dirty Looks (released or unreleased)? Just stuff that was recorded at rehersals... new originals ( Back Then )
What was the biggest highlight of your time in DL? It was all great... the PI in Erie was always fun... Hammerjacks was great..... it was the last time i played with DL The Best gig though would have to be the gig we played with KIX....... It was fuckin packed solid... and we could walk in front of the PA up on stage.... both ways...
Bands: Dirty Looks (87)
Bitter Sweet (88 - 89)
Doc Holiday (97 - 98)
Bogus Otis (02 - 05)


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