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Ed Collins - Drums
(Interview posted 2/14/06)
What are you currently up to?: I drum freelance. I'm kind of like a mercenary, meaning, I play for whoever pays me the most. Currently I drum for 3 bands, plus I record my own music. I also have a web-site you can visit www.itsadrummerthing.com
Favorite DL song(s) to play: Five Easy Pieces - Getting Over
Favorite Drummer(s): Neil Peart - Danny Carey. Most Non-Favorite drummer Steve Smith. I let him borrow my kick pedals ('cause he showed up to a clinic without any) and all he did was complain that they were not DW's. They were Camco. Thenů. he didn't even thank me. He was a fucking jerk.
Last time you talked to an ex-DL member? Actually, I talked to Brian Perry just the other day. He has always been a friend and someone I stay in touch with.
Did all your drum tracks make it to the final cut of "Five Easy Pieces" or did they overdub some with Jim Harris? I played on everything except: "Hard in the Middle and "Cardiac Arrest" To be completely honest to you; The drums that all fit together, and sound pro, are mine. We recorded them at Dodge City Sound, LA. We had Ozzie Osborne's producer Max Norman at the helm. The songs that sound like demos are the Jim's. Recorded? I say that in all honesty and I think Jim would agree. I am in no way uplifting myself; I'm just stating a truth. 2 Studer 24 track machines against home recording equipment is not a fair fight.
What were your musical influences growing up? I cut my teeth on the early recordings of ; Rush, Floyd, Sabbath, Yes, Crimson, U2, Genesis, UK, Accept, Tom Jones and all Black Soul Music. I liked the more "heady" stuff. I like a lot of changed and movement in music which is why I could not make a living off of playing with DL. I wanted to play too much, all the time, and it was painful to play at a steady 120 beats per minute.
As well as playing on the "Five Easy Pieces" album, you also toured with them as well, right? What stands out in your mind most about touring with Dirty Looks? How fast Henrick wanted the songs played. How cool it was to finally have a roadie and a monitor. Driving in the passenger seat while Henrick drove with one hand and smoked out of a toilet paper roll in the other, it was god-like.
Last CD you bought? Lateralus
Which musical artist would you most like to work with? Herbie Hancock - Chick Corea
What was the biggest highlight of your time in DL? We traveled cross country from Pittston, PA. to Los Angeles, CA. Two and a half days of driving in a loaded van. Oh, we did manage to stop off in Vegas. I worked with Max Norman, and being on my first "Real" album, and learning things the hard way. And still I keep onů
Bands: Dirty Looks (91, 08)
Discography: Dirty Looks - Five Easy Pieces (92) [uncredited]
Dirty Looks - California Free Ride (08)


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