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Cary Devore - Drums
(Interview posted 2/16/06)
What are you currently up to?: Right now I'm taking some time off to raise my 16 month old son.
Favorite DL song(s) to play: Cool From the Wire
Favorite Drummer(s): John Bonham, Levon Helm
Last time you talked to an ex-DL member? I used to see Brian Perry in L.A. around 2000.
Filthy Lucre didn't release 'Popsmear' until '97. Were those a lot of the same songs you played back in '92? Is there some unreleased sessions out there? We played Outta Control, Black Cadillac and Brand New Deal. I never recorded anything with them.
What were your musical influences growing up? Led Zeppelin, old R&B and some Herb Albert.
What's your favorite track(s) from either the 'Bootlegs' or the 'Rumbledog' CD that you played on (and who's that 'mystery guest', by the way?)? Fang and the Love Pig was pretty fun(ny). I don't know who the mystery guest was.
Last CD you bought? I don't even remember, I've just been downloading random songs for years
Which musical artist would you most like to work with? Dr. John
What was the biggest highlight of your time in DL? Probably playing NYC at the Cat Club.
Bands: Dirty Looks (90 - 91)
Filthy Lucre (92)
Rumbledog (93)
Lost Highway (93 - 94)
Discography: Dirty Looks - Bootlegs (91)
Dirty Looks - Five Easy Pieces (92) [Cardiac Arrest] Rumbledog - Rumbledog (93)
Videos: Dirty Looks - Go Away (90)


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