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Dave Naro - Bass
(Interview posted 2/20/06)
What have you been up to since Dirty Looks? All kinds of things! Toured Europe92,moved to NYC in mid 90's, became a guitar tech between gigs, ran a guitar store in the LES for a few years. Recently wound up working at Sadowsky Guitars.
Favorite DL song(s) to play: Oh Ruby, Put a Spell On You, On Your Back, Take what you get, It's Mot the Way You Rock,Lovepig!
Favorite bass player(s): Jack Pyers, Chrise Squier,Dee Dee Ramone,Geddy Lee
Last time you talked to an ex-DL member? I think it was Brian Perry, Last email was with Paul
Is there one specific thing you remember most about touring? Any good stories? Many things I remember. One specific thing I remember about touring was hanging out with Henrik. Paul was the common ground in the band, and Cary was a rock solid honest dude! The road crew never bathed, The drum tech got 5 bucks from me by eating a slimy black hocker off the hotel room mirror at HIS request...(still makes me lose my appetite just thinking about that one) Driving thru the desert for many hours listening to Zeppelin,cinco de mayo in texas- amazing to see quarts of beer being thrown at faster pussycat. DL was well received in Texas and Biggest crowd I ever played to. The Amarillo Texas Biker gig. Cat Club in NYC. and The Palace in Hollywood was the best gig ever.
What were your musical influences growing up? Musical influences? All things that rocked- I was into Harpo when I was 17. I played the same clubs back then and was able to see Harpo frequently. Jack Pyers man!!!! I was always a Dirty Looks fan!
You also played on the first Rumbledog CD. What stands out in your mind most about that project? I was not involved in Rumbledog. I believe I was on one track from a recording from 1990 in hollywood. Never got to see Rumbledog.
Last CD you bought? YOB The Unreal Never Lived-Single?
Which musical artist would you most like to work with? I'd work with Henrik again!
What was the biggest highlight of your time in DL? Being on stage with the wall of Marshalls!
Bands: Dirty Looks (90 - 91)
Discography: Dirty Looks - Bootlegs (91) [Loveless; The Last Forever; Fang and the Love Pig; Only Tomorrow]
Dirty Looks - Five Easy Pieces (92) [Cardiac Arrest]
Rumbledog - Rumbledog (93) [one track recorded in 1990]
Dirty Looks - One Bad Leg (94) [Loveless; Anyway You Want]
Videos: Dirty Looks - Go Away (90)


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