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Gabriel Scott (Robison) - Lead Vocals (Burning Orange)
(Interview posted 3/3/06)
What have you been up to since 'Burning Orange'? And for those who don't know, tell us about 'The Bleeder Project' Before I was asked to work with Burning Orange I had been writing for and fronting my own band. And as amazing as it was to be working with such unbeleivably talented musicians as Burning Orange, I was eager to get back to work on material that was not so comercially motivated and allowed me to stretch out my artistic side a bit more. So I did just that. Among other things, I've collaborated on a couple of experimental noise releases, recorded and released a couple of solo acoustic ep's, one solo full length, composed the soundtrack for a film, have toured on and off and am now preparing to release a new album as "The Bleeder Project". Which is a mix of heavy riffs and dark electronic beats, that deals with social, sexual and spiritual themes. Like Burning Orange crossed with electro dance culture. There's all kinds of info and music at www.thebleederproject.com
How did you initially become involved working with Henrick and 'Burning Orange'? Ron, Jay, and Mike were touring with Henrick doing DL shows, and had been writing some new material that was too far from DL to use, but too good not to do something with it. I think Henrick also wanted some time off as the front man and was looking for a different sound, than was typical of music that heavy at the time. Jay had been into my band at the time and really pulled for those guys to check out what I was doing. Apparently, after looking all over the states they liked what I was bringing to the table the most. More of a melodic lyricist than some hyper macho screamer type vocalist.
Do you have a favorite 'Burning Orange' track? From "Taar" definitely "The Passing". From "Thirteen" either "Blurr" or "Thirteen"
You also did some shows as 'Burning Orange'. What do you remember most about that experience? Playing to huge crowds, looking out at a sea of heads all bouncing and writhing to the groove, and looking around myself on stage in awe of the amazing players around me as we were just blowing the fucking roof of the place. There were times when being in that band was just incredible.
Musically, who would you most like to work with? Kevin Barnes, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Jerry Harrison
To your knowledge was Dirty Looks officially defunct by the time Burning Orange started or were both bands active at the same time? They were happening at the same time, although it seemed to me that Burning Orange was the priority at the time. It was the same band with the exception of me. In fact I may be the only one here who wasn't part of DL at one point or another. It put me in a very unique position working with Henrick. I was that separation between the two.
What was the last CD you bought? Of Montreal- Sunlandic twins or T-Rex- 20th century boy
What does 'taar' actually refer to? I've always felt it was a reference to the thickness and darkness of the music and to how easy it is to get stuck in places in our lives that will eventually be our demise. The double "aa" was used to refer to Henrick's background and bring a more european quality to it.
Who are some of your favorite vocalists and influences? I grew up listening to R/B and college radio. So some of my favorites were people like Prince, The Cure, Live, Smashing Pumpkins. Which is why I think I was able to bring something a little different to the table than any one else. I didn't come from a similar backround as the rest of the band. Probably my favorite vocalist right now is Ed Kowalzyk from "Live". I think he's just brilliant.
What was the biggest highlight of your time in 'Burning Orange' ? Man, being in Burning Orange was the highlight. Though, The first time we played CBGB's with reps from Geffen, Atlantic, and Polygram mixed with a packed house was pretty awsome, or rocking 10,000 people in Kansas City was incredible. There were so many for me, I really loved the whole thing. Although I've always been more into the recording end than the live so I guess my favorite memories of all were simply Henrick and myself laying tracks for the recordings at the Carrige House. Most of the bands tracks were usually done before I would get there and then I would come in last and finish it off. I learned alot and really enjoyed working with Henrick in that way.
Bands: Burning Orange (96)
Discography: Burning Orange - Taar (96)
Burning Orange - Thirteen (97)
Bleeder Project - Systematic Subversion of Fear and Insecurity (06)
Website: www.myspace.com/gabrielscottsf


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